N.R. Donath & Associates Cases and Clients

Real Estate and Other Litigation

  • Representation of disabled client against major homeowners association for discrimination based on disability. (United States District Court, District of Nevada).
  • Successfully defended a small business against a former customer alleging business was responsible for damage to customer’s home. (8th Judicial District Court).
  • Defense of clients wrongfully sued by other family member who alleged client improperly obtained title to residential and commercial real estate. (8th Judicial District Court).
  • Won arbitration judgment for a buyer of residential real estate for improper disclosure of property defects by seller. (8th Judicial District Court).
  • Successfully defended former employee against former employer action against him for violation of a non-compete clause in employment contract; filed counter claim against former employer for breach of contract. (8th Judicial District Court).
  • Negotiated favorable settlement in breach of contract action against classic automobile restoration business. (8th Judicial District Court).
  • Negotiated down excessive fines by 50% which were levied on client by Las Vegas high rise condo complex homeowners association under threat of litigation.
Nick Donath Opening Statement

Investment Management Negligence (FINRA action)

  • Successfully obtained a settlement on behalf of an individual investor who suffered financial losses at the hand of a negligent national stock brokerage firm.

Criminal Defense

  • Successfully argued a felony sentencing hearing for a client facing 4 years in prison which was demanded by the prosecutor – sentence received after the judge heard oral arguments and reviewed our elaborate sentencing memorandum was only 21 days in jail. (8th Judicial District Court).
  • Represented client charged with DUI – Obtained a dismissal of the DMV hearing and negotiated a reduced charge of reckless driving. (Las Vegas Municipal Court).
  • Obtained a dismissal of a misdemeanor battery charge. (Las Vegas Justice Court).
  • Obtained a minimum federal sentence for drug trafficking. (United States District Court, District of Nevada).
  • Negotiated a successful plea agreement in a Domestic Violence case – dismissal of one count and minimum sentence on other (Henderson Municipal Court).
Nick Donath Reviewing Notes at Trial

Family Law

  • Successfully defended divorced husband against wife who wrongfully took him court to try to force him to sell a home that was his according to the decree of divorce. (8th Judicial District Court, Family Division).
  • Instituted legal action against a parent who removed a minor child from the State of Nevada and had no intention of returning child to remaining parent. Once legal action was commenced, child was returned home. (8th Judicial District Court, Family Division).
  • Negotiated amicable dissolution of same-sex marriage. (8th Judicial District Court, Family Division).
  • Represented husband and negotiated amicable joint petition for divorce. (8th Judicial District Court, Family Division)
  • Represented wife in filing for annulment and summary divorce. (8th Judicial District Court, Family Division).